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At the service of Companies wishing to import and/or export.

Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l., a company specialising in national and international transport and shipping and in 1996, the first company in Italy to operate with online transmission. We offer a fast, efficient and professional service for the handling of paperwork and customs operations. 

Through the E.D.I. online system and our Home Customs Procedures (via CAD), in a few minutes you will have all the necessary documents for the import and/or export of your goods.

Companies that decide to carry out customs operations with Bruno Milella & Co., can take advantage of the Customs and VAT Warehouses located in the port of Bari.

Our Customs Service is carried out through the following customs operations:


  • Definitive Exports;
  • Temporary Exports;
  • Goods on account exports;
  • Exports in Triangulation;
  • Outward Processing Relief Exports;
  • Exports linked to Community Transit;
  • Exports linked to TIR Transit;
  • Exports of materials for supplies and/or equipment on board ships;
  • Exports of Products subject to Returns or Refunds Rights.


  • Definitive Imports;
  • Temporary imports;
  • Goods on account Imports;
  • Inward Processing Relief Imports;
  • Imports with introduction of goods into the Customs Warehouse;
  • Imports with storage of goods in a VAT warehouse;
  • Re-imports of Temporary Exports;
  • Re-importation of Community Freight Returns;
  • Shipments of foreign goods in transit.


For companies that decide to carry out customs operations with Bruno Milella & Co., the Customs and VAT Warehouses located in the port of Bari are available.

The advantages of this are: 

No advance payment of duties and taxes;
No application of duties and taxes for goods destined for non-EU markets;
The goods can be viewed by any future Buyer;
The goods can be subjected to various types of handling (labelling, repackaging, blistering, etc.).

When using the Customs Warehouse, if the VAT Warehouse is also integrated with the VAT Warehouse, companies can avoid the material disbursement of VAT at the time of importation.
VAT will only be levied when the goods are extracted from the warehouse but will never consist of the material payment of the tax. In fact, it will only be necessary to self-liquidate it by means of an entry in the accounting records. For further information and clarifications on the services offered and for analysis of the specific case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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