Container logistics


Bari goods storage and handling
Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l. in Bari is specialized in national and international shipments, and also has an efficient container logistics department dedicated to the storage of goods before their shipment and final delivery. 

The container logistics division of Bruno Milella & Co. uses Customs and VAT Warehouses located in the Port of Bari, which are made available to clients with important tax concessions regarding duties, taxes and VAT. 

We also provide for the handling of unloading, boarding, storage and transfer of goods, offering all customers an effective consulting service to better plan the various import/export activities. 

Our qualified and competent staff is available to multinational companies and small and medium enterprises to help and support them in the organization of new trade, in the rationalisation of existing trade, and in the study of new forms of transport that allow for costs and times of the return of goods to be optimised, thus meeting the needs of each customer in a more timely and efficient way. 

Bruno Milella & Co.'s consulting department is also able to offer customers assistance in obtaining AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification. Obtaining AEO certification has numerous advantages in international trade operations, as it is considered reliable by the customs authorities. AEO certification also offers a number of ‘indirect’ advantages, linked to improved relations with customs authorities, more efficient communication between parts of the logistics chain, customer loyalty and a general improvement of the operation in all its phases.

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