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National and international transport

For 60 years in the logistics and shipping sector

spedizioni internazionali Bari
Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l. in Bari was founded in 1960 with the aim of offering support to regional companies in the Customs sector in the areas of international shipments and assistance to the embarkation and disembarkation of goods for importing/exporting in the port of Bari and the other commercial ports in the Region. 

Over the years, the company has grown, becoming active all over the world and gaining experience and expertise in order to guarantee customers an efficient and punctual service, as well as the maximum speed in the processing and coordination of import/export operations.

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national and international transport Bari


Bruno Milella & Co. is a national and international transport company operating in Bari and in the main Italian ports, with services from and to all over the world, managing customs operations through home and online procedures.

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Bruno Milella & Co. offers a fast and efficient import/export customs service, realized through the E.D.I. online system

Customers are provided with the Customs and VAT Warehouses located in the port of Bari.

container logistics for Bari goods storage


Bruno Milella & Co. in Bari also offers an efficient container logistics department responsible for the storage of goods before final delivery. It also provides for the handling of loads at unloading, loading, storage and transfer.

transport and logistics Bari

Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l. is a company based in Bari that has been operating for 60 years in the national and international transport and logistics sector. 

We deal specifically with sea, air and land shipments, container logistics for the storage of goods, import and export customs operations, management of customs warehouses, VAT warehouses, advice in international freight traffic and assistance in obtaining certifications for economic operators.

With Bruno Milella & Co., you’re putting your trust in a structured and well organized company with qualified staff and long experience in customs matters. 

Our company is an important point of reference in the field of national and international transport, shipping and logistics for multinational companies and small to medium-sized enterprises that want to export their products worldwide. We’re well-versed in numerous services, such as shipping and assistance in the countries of origin of goods until delivery (door to door), storage of goods before final delivery by the logistics department, and consultancy for the study of new forms of transport that can optimize costs and delivery times and meet the needs of each customer.

Bari road transport


Bruno Milella & Co. offers an efficient and punctual door to door service from origin to final destination at competitive prices, relieving the customer from all duties and charges related to shipping, storage and transport of goods.
maritime transport Bari


Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l. offers an efficient maritime transport service to and from all over the world, using both LINER and TRAMP services with direct assistance in the main Italian ports. Groupage services are carried out by sea for all destinations
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