national and international transport Bari
Bruno Milella & Co. s.r.l. is a company based in Bari that has been operating for 60 years in the national and international transport and logistics sector. 

We deal specifically with sea, air and land shipments, container logistics for the storage of goods, import and export customs operations, management of customs warehouses, VAT warehouses, advice in international freight traffic and assistance in obtaining certifications for economic operators.

With Bruno Milella & Co. , you’re putting your trust in a structured and well organized company with qualified staff and long experience in customs matters. 
Our company is an important point of reference in the field of national and international transport, shipping and logistics for multinational companies and small to medium-sized enterprises that want to export their products worldwide. We’re well-versed in numerous services, such as shipping and assistance in the countries of origin of goods until delivery (door to door), storage of goods before final delivery by the logistics department, and consultancy for the study of new forms of transport that can optimize costs and delivery times and meet the needs of each customer.

Bruno Milella & Co. di Bari puts the growing satisfaction of all its customers at the centre of its professional activity through the provision of high-level services and in full compliance with the requirements. To achieve this ambitious goal, in 2011 the company successfully embarked on the path to implement a Quality Management System, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, as recognition for the professionalism of the services provided and the search for continuous improvement of its operational and management processes.

In a context of continuous growth and to meet the needs of the market, Bruno Milella & Co. has also obtained the Authorized Economic 
Operator (AEO C) 
certificate from the European Union –  a further guarantee of professionalism, seriousness and success.

All our staff is at your disposal to advise you and explain the procedures necessary to export and import goods and to respond to all your questions you might have when beginning to undertake national and international transport operations. 


Bari customs warehouse management

Customs operations

Bruno Milella & Co. offers a fast, efficient and professional service for customs clearance and operations. Through the E.D.I. online system and our Home Customs Procedures (via CAD), in a few minutes you will have all the necessary documents for the import and/or export of your goods.
Bari freight storage container logistics

Container logistics

Among the many services offered by Bruno Milella & C. there is an efficient container logistics department responsible for the storage of goods before final delivery. We also provide for the handling of loads at unloading, loading, storage and transfer, also offering a qualified consulting service.
national and international road transport Bari

Road transport

Our road transport service is active nationally and internationally.
Thanks to our 'door to door' services, from origin to final destination, we relieve the client of all tasks and burdens connected with the shipment, storage and transport of goods. In particular, we carry out land and intermodal transport with the Balkans and the Middle East. 
Sea transport Bari

Sea transport

Bruno Milella & Co. offers an efficient maritime transport service to and from all over the world, using both LINER and TRAMP services with direct assistance in the main Italian ports.
Sea freight is carried out with 20 and 40 box containers, refrigerated and open top. 

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